Alice Eve Measurements

Alice Eve Measurements are to die for!

Alice Eve Measurements Alice Eve Measurements

Alice Eve Measurements falls in the league of those gorgeous American actresses who inspire women all across the world to work out and look fit. And at the same time, it also makes other women green with envy as having such a perfect figure can only be God gifted. Her beautiful and curvaceous chest combined with a very slim waist and wide hips made her a sex goddess in no time.

This blue eyed beauty made men drool like crazy when she starred in Sex and the City 2 by portraying the character of a very hot nanny who doesn’t wear a bra! The perkiness of her breasts could be noticed properly through her see-through tee shirt.  As she kept bouncing with the kids, her gorgeous pair of breasts too kept dancing making not just Carrie and the rest of her gang jealous but the entire nation of women feel the same while the men couldn’t help but fix their gaze on their screens with their eyes wide open! Alice Eve Measurements are 36-25-36 stressing and proving the hourglass shaped figure. When you look at her breasts, it is a classic 36 C making low cut dresses look amazing on her. Once when she was spotted wearing a bikini, her breasts really looked like they are all ready to plunge out! Normally Alice is seen is low cut or V neck tops or dresses as it really accentuates her cleavage and brings out the best in looks of hers.

When you look at her figure, it is very obvious that she works hard to keep her figure intact. Her flat washboard stomach justifies this as we all know that even the most petite of the female body might end up with some lower belly fat if proper care is not taken. Alice Eve Measurements are definitely to die for. She is the perfect blend of sensuality and poise. Her looks are entirely natural and there doesn’t seem to be any involvement of a skilled surgeon’s scalpel. Her face doesn’t seem frozen as normally observed from countless number of Botox injections while her breasts seem to be naturally curvy, rounded and full without any hint of silicon or tissue covering issue. It is quite refreshing to see such a beauty after a long time who is comfortable enough in her own skin and does not feel the need to enhance any body part of feature for that matter.

Alice Eve Alice Eve Measurements

Alice Eve 26 Alice Eve Measurements

  • Tara Patrick

    woow her boobs are 36C! I didn’t know that!